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Hey,welcome to Ayap's blog . Im taken . hihi

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i love you , sayang :')
I love you Aqmar Asyraf forever and ever . can you love me back ? hewhew :face64: you can take my hearth very close to your hearth :n: you can take my hearth forever if you like :10: You can be the prince and i can be your princess :27: You can be the sweet tooth i can be the dentist :face39: You can be the shoes and i can be the laces :face57: You can be the heart thai i spill on the page :t:You can be the pencil and i can be the paper :u: You can be as cold as the winter weather :111: But i don't care as long as we're together :w: I'm the one for you , you the one for me :face40: You love me and i love you more and more sayang :face12: I will never forget to say I LOVE YOU , SAYANG :17: I've tried to hide it so that no one knows , but i guess it shows :face28: I wish nothing but the best for you :face51: Please don't be in love with someone else :face21: and please don't have somebody waiting :face22: for you cause i don't want you taken by someone from me :face47: . I just want you i my heart :face17: Never leave me alone , okay :face71: And remember what you have promise to me that you want always with me :face52: I Love You , Aqmar Asyraf :9: forever and always till the world end :face76:

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